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If that's not crazy enough we will get you 25+ customers landed in your pipeline IN JUST THE FIRST MONTH


Working with Showroom Media has been the best financial investment for Vice Car Styling. In less than two weeks, we've already hit roughly $12,000 in PPF & ceramic Coating packages. The "New Booking" notifications on my phone throughout the day are incredibly satisfying. - Initially skeptical, the free trial proved the big potential we were missing out on. Looking forward to nurturing every vehicle that comes in and to more success with Showroom Media.


Danial Azami - CEO of Vice Car Styling

I can't believe the impact you guys had in literally 2 weeks! We smashed our goal and raked in an extra $23,000. One of the coolest wins was sealing the deal for a $9,000 job on a 2023 Range Rover—complete with a full-body PPF and ceramic coating. It's been such a confidence boost to see our hard work pay off like this. Thanks to Showroom Media, we're not just growing our revenue, we're growing our belief in what's possible for our business. Way to go guys!


Morgan Shick - CEO of 3rd Coast Customs

Numbers that make sense


Is the worth of the auto styling services the SM team closed for our clients in 2023.


Is the collective monthly ad-spend we manage for heightened visibility for our valued clients.


Is the churn percentage of our clients. That's right, every auto styling shop that has ever come across us never looked back since.

Don't Hear it From Us... But from our WINNING clients!

The ULTIMATE Weapon.

The SSB strategy is our in-house formulated secret weapon. Blending precision and power to propel your brand forward while keeping its uniqueness intact and under-wraps. It's not just marketing strategy; it's an exclusive blend designed to set you apart and excel your auto styling shop’s presence and revenue. We've mastered it, helped dozens of shops astronomically increase revenue, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.


What makes you unique?

Our specialization in auto styling equips us with a profound understanding of the industry's distinct challenges and opportunities. We have been elevating and helping auto styling shop's across the United States and Canada for last 5 years rev-up and increase their client acquisition and delivering record breaking revenue. We leverage this expertise alongside innovative marketing strategies to deliver exceptional results for all of our clients.

Can you tell me more about the SSB formula?

The SSB formula is our exclusive proprietary blend, meticulously crafted to fuse precision-targeting with powerful marketing techniques. It's engineered to propel your brand forward while preserving its distinctiveness and maximizing revenue. We've refined this formula through rigorous testing and witnessed remarkable success across numerous auto styling businesses.

How soon can I expect to get results?

The timeline for observing results may vary based on factors such as your current online presence, market competitiveness, and implemented strategies. After then we would commence launch. Nonetheless, we strive to deliver measurable outcomes efficiently, keeping you informed throughout the process and with the guarantees that are in place based on real and stored data from all our clients results are inevitable to be delivered within the first week.

Where and how can I find help?

We take pride in delivering personalized support to each of our clients. From initial strategy development to ongoing campaign management and performance monitoring, our team is committed to ensuring your success. We're readily available to address any inquiries or concerns and to offer guidance as your business evolves.

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